Mentalwarp - This is a Demo for a Mobile Game. It is only intended for Local MultiPlayer.

Move your bunny with the arrow keys (D, G & R for 2nd player).

Kill your opponents by jumping on their heads!

The Deathmatch mode is a classic brawl,
while Carrots mode will need you to use your head to own all five carrots at the same time!

Kill the bunnies with the orange halo to get the carrots they collected back in the game.
Watch out for the one with a long orange trail, he's the leader, get him first!

  • available on the App Store
  • available in Android Market

This game was developed by Mentalwarp Collective, a young indie devteam based in Brussels, Belgium.
Its core gameplay is derived from the unix hit "Jump n' Bump", and is the first port of the franchise to a mobile device.